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Rare Glass Penny Expected to Fetch Over $30,000 at Online Auction

An experimental all-glass penny manufactured in 1942 is coming to auction. Estimates have the penny going for $30,000 and up. The January 5th auction is offered online by Heritage Auctions.

Heritage is presenting a public auction of rare coins and paper money of which the glass penny is one of the featured attractions.
“The present 1942 glass experimental piece is the only intact example discovered in nearly 75 years since the experiments,” said Mark Borckardt, Senior Numismatist and Cataloger at Heritage Auctions. “Although glass was never used for emergency U.S. coinage, this piece represents a unique artifact of the ingenuity and determination of Mint officials and private industry.”


Coins Tossed Into Hennepin County Government Center Pool Aren’t Just For Wishes

A timely article from the Star Tribune regarding those coins you throw into wishing pools …

Coins tossed by people into the pool in the atrium at the Hennepin County Government Center in downtown Minneapolis aren’t just for making a wish.

Four times a year, crews clean out the reflecting pool in the center of the government center’s skyway level and collect the coins, donating the money to local charities.

On Tuesday, crews emptied the pool and collected the coins for Minneapolis nonprofit the Link and its Passageways program, which provides emergency shelter beds for teens and housing for youths ages 16 to 23 who have been sexually exploited.


Check Your Quarters for a Rare 1970’s Proof Error

As reported by MSN []

“Check your pockets, as one of a rare batch of 1970 quarters could be worth a fortune.

One of the quarters is for sale on eBay for $35,000. The listing says it was part of a group of proof coin errors that were auctioned by the state of California.

KGW-TV reports seller Mike Byers says the quarter was struck over a 1941 Canadian quarter instead of a blank due to a mint error. He says parts of the Canadian quarter can still be seen underneath the images of George Washington and the bald eagle on both sides of the coin.

The station says similar 1970 quarters are being sold for $2,500 and for $5,000 on eBay.”

Polish Forest Ranger Finds 6,000 Silver Coins

Centuries ago someone in what is now Poland amassed quite a collection of silver coins. For some unknown reason, the owner of this massive hoard of silver coins decided to hide them in two pots deep in the forest. Whoever hid the coins did an exceptional job, because no one found them — until now.

Near a village named Guzów in Poland, a forest ranger found two clay pots while exploring the woods. The ancient ceramic pots were filled with thousands of silver coins. Upon making the discovery, the ranger quickly handed the coins over to the Archaeological Museum of the Middle Odra in Lubuskie. Barbara Bielinis Kopeć, the Lubuskie provincial conservator of monuments, weighed in on the finding.

“This is the greatest discovery of this kind made in…Lubuskie. After counting, it turned out that the pots contained 6,157 coins, including 5,370 smaller denarii and 787 larger Prague groschen,” Bielinis Kopeć said.