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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Polish Forest Ranger Finds 6,000 Silver Coins

Centuries ago someone in what is now Poland amassed quite a collection of silver coins. For some unknown reason, the owner of this massive hoard of silver coins decided to hide them in two pots deep in the forest. Whoever hid the coins did an exceptional job, because no one found them — until now.

Near a village named Guzów in Poland, a forest ranger found two clay pots while exploring the woods. The ancient ceramic pots were filled with thousands of silver coins. Upon making the discovery, the ranger quickly handed the coins over to the Archaeological Museum of the Middle Odra in Lubuskie. Barbara Bielinis Kopeć, the Lubuskie provincial conservator of monuments, weighed in on the finding.

“This is the greatest discovery of this kind made in…Lubuskie. After counting, it turned out that the pots contained 6,157 coins, including 5,370 smaller denarii and 787 larger Prague groschen,” Bielinis Kopeć said.